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Rockwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium
« on: March 20, 2010, 08:56:16 AM »
While looking through "Electric Railroads of Indiana" I saw a photo taken at a stop for the Rockwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium located just west of Avon.  Where would this have been?

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Re: Rockwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2010, 11:39:49 AM »
There is an exhibit at the Hendricks County Historical Society going on right now that is on "Former Landmarks", including Rookwood Sanitorium and Cartersburg Springs.  How about checking it out and letting us know? ;)
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Re: Rockwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2010, 12:05:22 PM »
Google says...

Indiana Medical Journal

Rockwood Tuberculosis Hospital.

The Rockwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium is at Rockwood, Ind., near Danville, on the Indianapolis and Danville Interurban railway, forty minutes from Indianapolis. The Rockwood Sanitarium consists of a central administration building, near which are located cottages of the most approved design. These cottages are connected with the administration building by electric wire. There are no wards or dormitories, each patient having a separate cottage.

The grounds are admirably adapted to, the needs of a tuberculosis hospital, being high and rolling, affording a splendid natural drainage and securing against dampness. About half of the grounds is covered with woods of forest oaks, through which have been constructed numerous walks for patients able to takeexercise. Arrangements have been made for an abundance of pure milk and eggs. Particular care will be taken that the patients are given an abundance of wholesome food, properly prepared and served.

The staff will consist of Drs. T. J. Beasley, Resident Superintendent, and T. Victor Keene, Consulting Bacteriologist. Dr. Beasley has had several years' experience in institutional work of this kind, and will live in the institution and devote his entire time to it. ' Dr. Keene was formerly City Sanitarian of Indian' apolis, and later Superintendent of the Laboratory of Hygiene of the Indiana State Board of Health. He will look after the scientific work of the institution but will not reside in it. Graduate male and female nurses will reside in the institution. All of these nurses are experienced in caring for cases of tuberculosis.

Black and White Photo here...
Title:  Tuberculosis treatment facility in Danville, Indiana
Publisher:  Indiana State Board of Health
Date:  1908-05
Citation:  Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. 1908; 10(5) :51.


FOR the open air, dietetic, hygienic treatment of incipient and advanced tuberculous cases. Serum and vaccincs used when indicated. Located fifteen miles west of Indianapolis and six miles east of Danville on the Danville division of the T. H. I. & E. interurban Private cottages for patients. Incipient and advanced cases segregated.

Telephones by Danville Exchange

Thomas J. Beasley, M. D.
Medical Director