Author Topic: Tipton Depot: Then and Now  (Read 845 times)


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Tipton Depot: Then and Now
« on: February 01, 2012, 05:39:20 PM »
Every time I see an old photo of the depot in Tipton, I have to go take a comparison shot of it.

In the first shot, we have what I suspect is the depot in the '60s. It still looks really similar. For example, The depot overall is similar, and the house off in the distance and an original telegraph pole still remain. It's also different because all signals are gone, the sidetrack ends, and there's no longer a building across the street.

Second shot: Early 1900s. The only similarity is the depot itself. Today, the IMC is torn and removed, the platform is gone, any buildings that used to be there are gone, and there's only one train. Luckily, an NS B32-8 was sitting on the IMC north of the diamond and I could use it to compare the evolution of the trains themselves.

Last shot: A closer look at the platform and IMC.


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Re: Tipton Depot: Then and Now
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Nice work!
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