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Hillsdale, Dana
« on: July 10, 2020, 10:04:48 PM »
Got the chance to go explore the B&O bridge in montezuma with one of the owners of BOTA and we rode our bikes across the wabash river on it.

Ended up checking out the hillsdale side and saw CSX 3404 just peaking around the corner at 3pm, facing east at county road 400S. Waiting to enter the CE&D Sub. It appeared to be a unit grain train. Anyone have all the details on it? Call sign, origin, destination?

Then went to Dana to see if the Ernie Pyle museum was open. Seen a neat freight platform still intact at milepost BD 200.1. Then a little east of there, parked on the spur was CRGX 605.

I'd have pictures of all this but my phone was dead. I'm on vacation this week so i really didnt give a #*^! about my phone anyway.
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