Author Topic: Where in the world is NKP 587? and we need YOUR help!  (Read 746 times)


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Where in the world is NKP 587? and we need YOUR help!
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:33:30 PM »
I'll bet many of us have been asking the same question.  News fresh from the ITM steam crew chief mechanical officer Harold Stark;  The grant is forthcoming and should clear the state's hands in a few weeks.  When they sign off on it they will notify Noblesville who will in turn notify ITM.  Then there is a 2 week waiting period, so work is expected to resume in mid to late February.  The superheater tubes have already been sent out and are waiting at the steam fitters shop for word to start work.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Harold estimates this project will be complete in 1.5 to 2 years.  It can get done sooner if there are more than just 4-5 people working on it at a time.  Work will be completed in 5 phases which will be DOCUMENTED by Harold.  This means that even if he is not around, you should still be able to find out where the work was left off and continue from this point.  This project is FEDERALLY FUNDED.  This means that you MUST adhere to ALL OSHA SAFETY RULES.  Please show up in safety toe boots and appropriate attire that you do not mind getting dirty.  ALL WORKERS MUST WEAR A HARD HAT AT ALL TIMES WHEN WORKING.  If you have one, bring it - ITM only has a few loaners.  All time spent working on the steam engine must be documented!  There should be some sort of sign up sheet available for this.  I wil try to keep you all advised when we get the green light and when work days are scheduled.

Never worked around a steam engine before?  No problem!  If you can turn a wrench, you can help.  Afraid of getting dirty?  There will still be something you might be able to do.  Please come out to the Indiana Transportion Musuem and at least say Hello.  We have had a change in Management and positive changes are happening quickly.  We would like to see more of you out at ITM!  More about that in the next post!

Chris Homko
Chris Homko