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Fort Wayne & Jackson Presentation Oct. 17, 2011
« on: October 09, 2011, 08:15:32 PM »
I've been asked to do another presentation on the Fort Wayne & Jackson at the
National New York Central Museum in Elkhart, Indiana, Monday October 17, 2011.
The Lake Shore Society organizational meeting starts at 7 pm and my presentation
should start no later than 7:30. My presentation covers the FW&J history
starting in 1869 but mostly on the New York Central years. For those of you that have seen it,
you can attest that it is well illustrated.

I will also be giving it at the NYCSHS Meet at Elkhart in May 2012. Since they
will be having more than one presentation at a time at the convention, if you are
are local, you could knock this one out in October and watch other presentations
in May.

At this time my publishing company is finishing up a Wabash book, but I hope to
have a book on the FW&J completed by the time of the meet at Elkhart in May
2012. I hope to see some of you at Elkhart one way or another.

Victor Baird
Erstwhile Publications
Fort Wayne, Indiana
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