Author Topic: "Central Soya" Grain train 25 minutes ahead of 70mac powered Q643  (Read 733 times)


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2 CSX GE's with 50-60 white 3-bays passing REN southbound at 1:45 AM eastern. Any info on this train such as its symbol or destination (I'm thinking Decatur)? This is a new one to me. 210 eastern Q643 trails it with a 70mac leading. I wish the monon was always this busy....then agian I'd never sleep since im 50 feet away :P
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  • Ok...lets get our stories straight......
G412-18 for Central Soya in Morristown, IN.

Anything going to Decatur from Chicago would go down to Danville, then run direct via Hillsdale to Decatur, IL.

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