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INRD jaunt Saturday 6th
« on: November 04, 2010, 03:13:21 AM »
INRD will be running a jaunt from Indy to Bloomington this Saturday in connection with the IU/Iowa game at IU Stadium. Departure from Indy will be at 08.00 with a Bloomington arrival about 2 hours later.

After a brief stopover, the plan is to depart Bloomington at 11.00 for a run to Tulip Trestle and back, followed by a mid afternoon departure to Indy after the game is over (probably about 3-4 pm).

Needless to say, the train will be for guests of INRD only and will be top'n'tailed by something shiny, but there could be some good photo ops for linesiders as there is still a little autumn foliage around.

I would suggest however that as this working is likely to tie up the Eastern limb of the INRD for most of the Saturday daylight hours, there won't be much else working East of Linton that day.
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