Author Topic: Local ATCS while railfanning in Muncie  (Read 3230 times)


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Re: Local ATCS while railfanning in Muncie
« Reply #20 on: November 25, 2010, 10:52:11 PM »
The first possible server location had internet issues, I would love to find a suitable spot down southeast of Claypool,  with a rooftop magmount antenna on my honda civic, i can pick up W Claypool to E Sidney, and then Claypool to S Speicher  on the Marion side.
Last week they marked utilities around CP 21, and it looks like CP 19 too, so maybe soon those antenna masts and bases laying on the ground at CP 21 will be erected and Leesburg will be live, and i hope to cover that from home here. The old desktop i have here died and i would have only this laptop, so if i left, so would server feed, but it would be a start.
Anyone in Claypool area interested can let me know, in town  i could easily cover  the 3 Claypools plus probably 2 Sidney mcps, btw, S Claypool is on ATCS now too. And the Marion Branch switch heaters at Claypool are modern propane style instead of electric, so there should be a SMK bit showing up soon , although i could handle them not needing to show us that one this winter :) i have a hunch N Leesburg will cover up to Milford Jct, and S Leesburg to Warsaw diamond, which i believe is where Claypool covers south of.
I have been having a rough time finding anything that makes sense for the main and siding between the ends at Speicher, wish someone could head down there and confirm that nothing makes sense for that area even though both ends are on ATCS and everything else i have decoded.
 On another note, I am still waiting for what may never happen now since i am waiting for it, and i guess that's good, but I want a reason for Amtrak to detour down on a Goshen to Claypool to Ft Wayne to Butler or reverse route, or , since i believe there is clearance for it, a stack train to do that detour, either one would be nice to catch going down Hickory street :) I still see crew vans at Claypool for trains using connection, and wonder if 365 and 366 are all the connection will see until north of Claypool gets capacity improvements that are more or less rumored to be coming, I can see 2 tracks from north of the Tippecanoe river north of Warsaw, up to the Elkhart river north of New Paris being possible , but if they added anything over those rivers, bridge work would have to start way before any other track work was started I would think.