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Switzerland County Railroad??
« on: May 17, 2009, 03:53:59 PM »
In a note from one Jane R. Newbold, living in Posey Township in Switzerland County Indiana, to her sister Elizabeth Newbold Layton, living in Anderson Township in Rush County Indiana, undated but sent prior to 1876 [because it mentioned one of Elizabeth's daughters who died in May of 1876] she made the following comment [spelling verbatim]:

"At least, tell Margaret & Hester Ann they have never been in to see us yet & for them to come also & pay us a Christmas visit without fail. Every one of James Family wishes to be remembered to you all & wishes to see you all Jane need not to think she is slited that her name is not mentioned as a visitor those named ware to jog there minds they had never been here & now as you can just jump on the cars in the morning & in the afternoon land at your Uncle James place on the river see how easy you can come try one time & see how you will like a rail R. ride."

I'm pretty sure that there was no rail service to Switzerland County then, and that the closest one could have gotten by rail to Switzerland County was Lawrenceburg to the north or Madison to the west.  In addition, if one lived on the Rush County Decatur County border in 1870 [which is where her Jane R. Newbold's sister Elizabeth Newbold Layton lived] and wanted to go to, say, Lawrenceburg, would the nearest station have been in Greensburg?  And was there perhaps a coordinated rail-stage service from Lawrenceburg south to Vevay and Switzerland County at that time?

Thanks for any comments.

Cree Newbold


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Re: Switzerland County Railroad??
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You are correct, Switzerland County has never had a railroad.  The closest is a line through Aurora, but that one goes E-W, not NW.  There was/is a line between Greensburg and Lawrenceburg, so that's probably the route of choice.

As for the other end of the letter, there was a railroad that went between Greensburg and Rushville, so the closest depot for her was probably in Milroy.

I don't know the quality of the connection in Greensburg, so she may have been able to board in Milroy, go to Greensburg, and then SE to Lawrenceburg; or it may have been quicker to take a wagon to Greensburg first. 

[perhaps someone can fill in the railroad names here, as I don't have a map handy]

I don't know about Lawrenceburg south to Switzerland County.  Most likely, there was a ferry service.
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