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engine preservation
« on: September 13, 2005, 06:42:02 AM »
brought over from the Illinirail board-

An IHB employee showed me the current yard engine report for the
Harbor. It has only three NW2s listed as in service: 8811, 8814 and
8834 (the latter was the last NW2 built before the switch to SW7
models). I saw five other NW2s while there, all with capped stacks
and ready to be shipped out. If you think that one of these
dinosaurs should be preserved, now's the time to send a letter to
IHB management. After all, a locomotive that has been in more or
less continuous service since 1949 deserves such an honor, right?

It would be interesting to know how many members of this group are
younger than the NW2s. And how many buses, autos, trucks, etc.
running around today are at least 56 years old?

Of course, placing a locomotive on display somewhere requires
working with a local city or county agency. That can come later.
Right now, the main objective is to convince the Harbor to keep one
unit on site until some kind of arrangements can be made.

I've expressed pessimism about such a project in the past, but it
doesn't hurt to try, does it?

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