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MoPac Dolton Yard Center
« on: November 10, 2019, 05:57:31 PM »
I remember when I was a kid always seeing the great MoPac blue locomotives in Dolton Yard Center.  When U.P. took over the yard, and it became intermodal (early to mid 80s?), I began seeing MoPac locomotives in U.P. paint scheme, but with "Missouri Pacific" in big lettering on the sides of the long hood.  I was curious if those were MoPac locomotives repainted to the U.P. scheme, and why weren't they done with the full Union Pacific paint job?  I wish I had access to a camera back then.  Thanks!

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Re: MoPac Dolton Yard Center
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I think most of those locomotives with UP colors and MoPac lettering were ordered new that way.  I believe there was a time when UP operated the MoPac as a separate entity on paper, much like Norfolk Southern did with the sublettering on their locomotives for years.


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Re: MoPac Dolton Yard Center
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If in doubt, Notch it out!