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Upcoming First Sunday Presentations
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:25:17 AM »
Just posting the presentation I will make early, so you can get it on your calendar.

First Sunday Presentations
at the
Museum of Madison County History
(2 PM each Sunday)

October 6th, 2019
2019 - Railroads, Then & Now - Big and Small
A hobby For A Lifetime!!
(Our railroads from the old lines to the new lines, followed by scenes from model railroads.)

February 2nd, 2020
A trip to Avon in Indianapolis.
(In 2002, as a guest, I toured Avon and captured many great photos of it as it was then. Well worth seeing!)

June 7th, 2020
Railroads in Anderson (September Edition)
(Some of the fascinating stories from various history books of the early history of the railroads coming through Anderson using text and photos, Interurbans included! Not to be missed!)

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