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Indiana Railroads and Interubans
« on: January 21, 2018, 01:46:57 PM »
I had a few requests to overlay Nathan Bilger's Interurban map with my Indiana Railroad map so I stole Nathan's KMZ files and was able to merge the 2 maps.  I had no idea that Indiana had such an Interurban system until I began going through Nathan's map - what a great piece of work Nathan!  My primary interest (hobby) is history, so I refer to this site more as a "Historical Reference E-book" than a map,  Most of my efforts has gone toward the historical links.  I have used Google MyMaps as the application because the price is right - LOL.

Here are the links:
Google MyMaps (better interface, no street view available):

Google Maps (same information available, street view available, no map table).  Works similar to OpenStreetMap except you "left click" on route to access information:

Link to my feeble instruction: (oops - something went wrong before YouTube processed the video)

Both maps have "Google Earth Flights" available for routes longer than 5 miles.  Please provide source(s) when you find incorrect information pertaining to creation/abandonment dates - THANKS!  I gathered most of my "creation/abandonment dates" information from
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