Author Topic: Historical Railroad Map From Elmer Seltzer's "Ghost Railroads of Indiana"  (Read 665 times)


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I have been asked how I have mapped routes of railroads abandoned many years ago (approximately).  Elmer's book has a historical map of Indiana, and the map is spans 2 pages.  I've attempted to merge the pages into one pdf file.  The resolution of the maps in the book is not the greatest, but modern software can do amazing things. My pdf map is not nearly as clear as I would like, but you can zoom in the pdf file to see the railroads and read the town names.  I use this map as an overlay in Google Earth, and it is usually accurate enough for me to see remnants of the abandoned lines.  I'm not able to attach the file since it exceeds the 5120 kb size limit, so here's the link to the file on Google Drive =>

Just download the file if you wish to open the pdf in Adobe Reader to really zoom in :-)


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Thanks, Butch.   Already the map has answered a few questions of mine.
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