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Help programming/using scanner
« on: May 19, 2016, 02:24:08 PM »
I consider myself a techie person but have never had much luck figuring out my Uniden BC396XT.  There are multiple "dumbed down" versions of the user manual online but I find even these overwhelming. I am familiar with the basics of this scanner but, every time I want to scan railroads, I have to go through a series of group lockouts just to only scan the RR freqs.  I also want to listen to some HAM frequencies and some of the public emergency channels too but want those to be accessed from separate quick keys.

Is there anyone out there who can sit down with me and give me a 101 on how to program/use this thing? I have a laptop with the Windows Freescan software.  I would prefer to sit down in person with someone in the Indy area, and can pay you or take you to lunch for your time. I can also Skype too, if that is preferred. Please PM me if you can help.