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« on: April 15, 2016, 08:53:02 AM »
This isn't a proper trivia question but more curiosity if somebody can pinpoint the location.  I was reading that the PRR originally used the Baldwin Centipedes in passenger service between Harrisburg and Chicago.  Looking for some photos I stumbled across a video that shows them in the flatlands that are Indiana and Ohio.  Can anybody identify the location?


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Re: Location
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Horseshoe Curve, west of Altoona PA, on the east slope of the Allegheny Mountains.  The train is westbound, heading for the tunnels and summit at Gallitzin, PA.
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Re: Location
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We know the ran short time period from Pittsburgh to Chicago via Columbus Bradford Logansport. There are a few pictures of them between Bradford and Union City.  Also they found freight duty on same route and I had a old engineer tell me they worked out of St Clair in Columbus Ohio as a base. 
In freight there are several photos around Columbus to Bradford of these.  I even seen one at Kent tower in Marion. 

I've heard tales of them on the Broadway too but not seen photos of this.