Author Topic: Displaying Railroad Routes On Your Garmin From Google Earth KMZ Files  (Read 1186 times)


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Tracking ghost railroads in a car has been a hobby of mine for many years.  My problem has always been losing track of where the grades go after a few wrong turns.  So, I have created tracks following the railroads on Google Earth, and then I use Garmin BaseCamp to create routes that can be transferred to the Garmin's "Trip Planner".  There's some smart folks out there!!   Here's the link to the little site I've put together (with instructions written by a guy who got D's in high school English) =>

The maps are a "work-in-progress", but let me know of any routes you would like added and/or corrected:-)  When I get Indiana finished, there's only 49 states to go - LOL.


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Super good work, lot of time invested in a hobby that will live forever.

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 I like your choice of transportation over the map !  The P-51 is a great choice. Very awesome and effective escort and fighter plane.