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-->Grasselli Tower preservation Info
« on: November 27, 2007, 11:50:02 AM »
On Nov. 19th, the Indiana Harbor Belt closed Grasselli Tower. The
tower is located along Kennedy Ave in East Chicago, and governed the
crossing of IHB's Kankakee Line and an EJE east-west branch line.
Manually operated rods controlled the interlocking, and the tower is
thus of more than just the usual importance from a historical
viewpoint. The interlocking will hereafter be controlled remotely by
IHB's East Dispatcher.

Fortunately, IHB has donated the tower to the Hoosier Valley Rail
Museum, but moving it from EC to North Judson is an expensive
proposition. I've talked with the museum's John Schulz, who is in
charge of the move, and he has said that donations are needed to fund
the project. I'd like to encourage everyone on this group to
contribute what they can to making the move to North Judson a
reality. John told me that anyone willing to make a donation can
send their check to the following address:

HVRM: Grasselli Tower Fund
507 Mulberry St.
PO Box 75
North Judson, IN 46366-0075

Please help. Grasselli is a rail icon of Indiana railroading. It
deserves preservation.

I've posted a photo of Grasselli in the Photos section. It's in the
album titled "KBSR Plow".

Other photos can be found at:

Bill Gustason
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