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Morgan County
« on: November 17, 2013, 12:41:30 PM »
There are two railroads in this county, one (ISRR) having quite a long stretch of track and the other (INRD) much less so, as it only clips the Southeastern part of the county.  The shot below is of the busier of the two (INRD), albeit with no train in sight, which seems to be the norm for much of the day along this line.  The view is looking Northeast at the Rt 135/Rt 252 crossing in Morgantown and shows the general layout of the railroad in town.  It also shows what seems to be a common arrangement along this former Illinois Central line, namely a very short, bow-shaped team track siding.  The same arrangement can still be seen at Solsberry and appears to have also been the case at other places, such as Helmsburg and Bloomfield, where they have been truncated as stub tracks.  Hopefully someone will be able to post a similar photo with a nice, shiny, red and white (or silver) SD90MAC approaching the crossing...
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