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Brown County
« on: November 17, 2013, 01:01:38 PM »
Unfortunately, another photo from me with no train but nonetheless typical of much of the day along the Northern end of Indiana Railroad's Indianapolis Subdivision, which is the only railroad to cross Brown County.  The view below was taken just South of Fruitdale, at the E Pool Road crossing.  This is little more than a grass and gravel track at this location, but what I found interesting about this particular crossing was the presence of a somewhat older style of crossbucks, complete with Danger signs.  Many of the crossings along the line have been refurbished with new crossbucks and Stop signs, and in some places new flashers or barriers where increased road traffic has necessitated these changes.  The only upgrade to the crossing in the photo has been the application of mandatory white reflective stripes to the posts.  There are also one or two crossings along the Southern end of the Monon that still retain older style signs and have similarly evaded full modernization.
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