Author Topic: 10/26/13: Nickel Plate Road 765  (Read 549 times)


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10/26/13: Nickel Plate Road 765
« on: October 26, 2013, 02:46:48 PM »
I finally was presented with an oppurtunity to see the 765. We set out early to get it departing Peru Yard after a crew change. We got there around 9:00am and were the 4th car on scene. After the 181 left, we were tracking the 765 all the way out of Fort Wayne until smoke could see rising above the stopped 35N. After a pit stop in Peru, they finally highballed at ten minutes untill 11:00. She sounded great huffing a puffing out of a stop. There were probably over 100 people gathered to see it and it was amazing that after 2 minutes after the trains passing, all but 4 people were gone. Also thrown in are shots of 35N with a gaggle of power.

0907- 181: NS 2622/9291:

1052- 951: NKP 765:

1117- 35N: NS 9613/BNSF 4704/NS 5177/5645/5647:

Thanks for reading!
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Re: 10/26/13: Nickel Plate Road 765
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There was a Santa Fe fan at Mardennis who went about as nuts over the Warbonnet as he did 765.
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