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Franklin County
« on: June 30, 2013, 08:21:53 PM »
Lets break the seal on Franklin County with a couple grab shots off St Mary's Road bridge in Brookville.  Four separate carriers serve Franklin County, Whitewater Valley, Indiana Eastern, Indiana & Ohio, and Central Railroad of Indiana,  but there is only one active shipper in the entire county if you don't count tourists in Metamora and G&W's paint shop in Brookville. First shot looking south off bridge, 2nd looking north off bridge at that one customer - Owens Corning Roofing.  Grabbed these shots as an afterthought leaving the paint shop today, and of course, it's raining. 

As info, In the paint booth is Rail Link 1592, a MP 15 that was formerly the RSS 15, shown in the CIND thread.  This unit is now in full G&W paint and simply lettered Rail Link.  Paint crew was finishing the handrails today and, leaving only clear coating to do.  Expect it out this coming week.   DJTX 96084 sits just outside the booth on lead.  See Pieces and Parts thread for pics of that car.

Rail Link is one of 10 regions on G&W, and consists mainly of some of the smaller lines, terminal switching lines, or lines that have just one or two customers.  Also, I beleive contract switching opeartions are lumped under Rail Link.  Paint shop thinks the 1592 is headed to a new switching operation.   As reference, CIND, IORY, and CFE along with all the former Ohio Central properties make up the Ohio Valley Region headquartered in Columbus OH, while ISRR, CERA, TP&W, all the Michigan properties (except IORY), all the Illinois Properties, the Tomahawk Railway in Wisconsin, and the Otter Tail Valley Railroad in Minnesota make up the Midwest Region headquarted in Peoria
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