Author Topic: ITM / Fishers in a dispute  (Read 135833 times)


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Re: ITM / Fishers in a dispute
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But it doesn't stop people from filing the suits to intimidate others or gain publicity ... or naming multiple parties in a suit even if the attorney knows the judge is likely to dismiss it or carve some of those parties out. Just makes a lot of noise and wastes time and money.

As a longtime elected official, one gets accustomed to being sued. When people threaten me with a suit, my standard response is along the lines of "Okay, thanks for letting me know."

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Re: ITM / Fishers in a dispute
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The Fishers segment would be 5.7 miles, from 96th Street (the Marion County - Hamilton County line) north to 146th Street (the border between Fishers and Noblesville).
106th to 126th is estimated to cost about that $9mil mark, i think Fadness wants a bond for $12 mil to pay for that first leg.
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